Plenty of options

By Roger ChildsCoronavirus expressway track

No doubt most readers are getting out on a regular basis. Doing something every day is highly desirable and the “I’m too busy” argument doesn’t wash at the moment!  Obviously, team sports are not happening currently, but you can walk, run or bike. I wonder about golf not being allowed or swimming close to shore [it may be getting a little cold for the latter —Eds].

Doing the local thing

The message is “stay local” and clearly it’s over to the individual to define what that means. A couple of days ago I rode down and back to Paekakariki from Raumati, via Queen Elizabeth Park, and the wonderful 6km cycle track was very busy. There were probably over 100 people out and about 60 of them were on bikes.

Yesterday my wife and I walked to Paraparaumu Beach and it was great to see so many people using the shoreline at low tide. One interesting variation of family beach cricket was in evidence – husband batting, wife bowling, but no fielders needed. The energetic dog covered every position from gully to deep fine leg.

Lock down fitness

It’s a great time to raise the level of your fitness. I’ve noticed a number of people who obviously don’t run regularly, but are now giving it a go. One of the most brilliant assets the Kapiti area has acquired for exercising in the last 3 years is the expressway neighbouring track network. To be able to safely walk, run or ride between Peka Peka and Paekakariki with only five road crossings makes for very safe, pleasant exercising.

A bonus from getting out during lock down is the social contact – at the safe social distance of 2 metres (6 ft) of course! We’ve exchanged greetings with scores of people, many of whom are completely unknown to us. And from across the street we are getting plenty of “Covid waves.” Needless to say the dogs are delighted!

There are also the indoor options with gear you might have, as well as stretching, weights and planks. You may have seen shot putter, Tom Walsh, lifting his very large dog!  Doing it with a cat might be problematic, although “cat flexing” is a recognised activity in California!

No doubt when the dust settles on the Coronavirus crisis there will be thousands of people across the country a lot fitter and healthier than they were at the start. The big test then will be to continue the regular exercise.

Plenty of options in Waikanae and the wider Kapiti area

There are so many places to exercise across the district. Waikanae people are spoilt for choice :-

  • The Hemi Matenga bush walk
  • Huia St above the old state highway to Redwoods
  • The Waikanae Riverbank tracks with variations, especially on the south bank
  • Through El Rancho
  • Waikanae Beach
  • The Waimanu Lagoons at Waikanae Beach
  • The tracks linking Waikanae Beach and Peka Peka
  • The road and tracks through the swamp forest linking Parklands and Woodlands
  • Waikanae Park
  • The expressway paths north and south
  • Ngarara Road and Ferndale
  • The footpaths with links between streets on paths and bush tracks.

Waikanae RiverOther parts of Kapiti also have plenty of options. So if you are not getting out regularly it’s time to start. If you are, sustain the momentum. Your confined bubble is going to be around for some weeks, so get it out on the footpaths, tracks, trails and beaches. Remember that you can drive to a nearby beach or park, and then get out and do the physical exercise.

There’s definitely no excuse for not getting fitter!

Like a challenge for a good cause?

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