cv selbstmord

Although PM Jacinda was proclaiming in March there would be “tens of thousands of deaths” if she didn’t put most of the country in home detention, the reality is that the physical health impact of cv-19 in NZ has been insignificant. There has been no pandemic here — the number of infections is well less that the number of cases of flu the country has each year.

Not so the impact on mental health.  Although not from an official government source, this claim is in line with what could be expected, given the relentless scaremongering that TV1 and TV3 — in particular — have indulged in for months over this virus; taking over from their Climatism obsession (but that will be back before long).

The sense of doom has been compounded by the economic destruction that the government’s overreaction has wrought.

But your editors, at least, are optimistic that things will work out in the next 12 to 18 months.