rates 3

This table was requested of council staff by Geoffrey and Cr Bernie Randall.

As most readers know, at the last council meeting the proposed Rates increase of 2.6% for 2020–2021 was accepted by the mayor and councilors, except by Gwynn Compton and Bernie Randall who voted against it.

Geoffrey and Margaret of the WCB also expressed opposition to a rates increase, but we do not get a vote at the council table (Community Boards don’t).

As can be seen, all parts of Waikanae will have an increase above the 2.6 % — the smallest is Waikanae East (the Hill Zone) at 3.15% and the largest is Peka Peka at 4.36%.

Ratepayers will have an opportunity to express their views about it when the Annual Plan document is published shortly, and the councilors will make a final decision on 25 June.