Awanui Drive trees

Below is an e-mail sent to Geoffrey late last year in response to a Waikanae constituent’s comments.  We are now getting close to the time of year when these service requests should be sent to the council.

The Parks team look after trees on Council berms on behalf of the Council Roading team.  When advised of a dead or diseased tree or a tree that is causing damage to assets or services and needs removal, we liaise with the adjacent landowner to discuss a replacement tree (depending on safety of location and circumstance of removal).  We order trees once a year and plant replacements in June/July during our ‘planting season’ – winter months whereby the trees’ roots can get established, prior to dry summer months. Depending on the circumstances, some residents do not want replacements and we do not force this.  The trees are Council assets and we maintain only that vegetation on berms, with vegetation and mowing staying with the adjacent landowner’s responsibility for maintenance. We will, however, do safety pruning if the berm vegetation is deemed unsafe. We do not allow residents to plant saplings or trees as we may be encouraging a unsuitable species or random streetscapes and we can’t risk trees being planted in an inappropriate place with regard to services or road safety.  If a resident would like to request a tree on their berm, they can request a new tree by contacting the Parks team.  Site location and safety, width of berm, and underground/overhead utilities are all considerations for permitting new planting and being added to the tree planting list.

I trust this is of assistance.

Kind regards

James Jefferson
Group Manager Place & Space
Te Kaihautū Takiwā, Waahi hoki