by Bob Jones from his blog ‘No Punches Pulled”

bob jonesThe NZ Herald recently highlighted the suicide of a young self-employed butcher who saw his life’s work go down the drain by the utterly insane edict that meat could only be purchased at supermarkets.

The farcical rule was subsequently wiped but here’s the question. Who made up all of these unnecessary and often mind-blowingly inane dictates? Let’s not forget them. Remember the golf club greenkeepers sitting on tractors in hundreds of acres, banned for fear of spreading the virus, presumably to passing seagulls. Or the preposterous no swimming or sunbathing alone on a beach, or, you may walk or cycle for exercise in your confined neighborhood but do not cycle or walk in adjacent locales, and on and on, all constraints you can be sure the PM or Ashley didn’t write.

Instead a half-witted Health Department lackey knocked them up and they were accepted unthinkingly by the PM and her puppet-master Ashley who was handed dictatorial powers far in excess of those in wartime. All of this in a purported democracy. Even in wartime the Generals were subservient to the elected leaders.

Here’s the question that needs to be put to the Director General of Health and de facto New Zealand dictator of recent months.

“Given your position you were surely aware of the numerous existing studies of the effect of economic recessions on people, specifically despair and suicides. How much consideration did you give to those in the economy-destroying actions you demanded?”

After 3 weeks lockdown in Australia a government study showed 60% of women were suffering from depression and 50% of men.

A doctor told me recently he’s never prescribed as much Prozac in his career as he’s done over the last month.

The coming economic collapse is totally a man-made disaster. When the dust is settled we need an independent enquiry or even a Royal Commission, to study the idiotic decisions made in order to prevent a future reoccurrence.

For make no mistake. Such epidemics will strike again. An enquiry will hopefully produce a better way of handling them.

As the brilliant Evelyn Waugh wrote in 1969, describing the ill-thought and enormously costly Kenyan groundnut fiasco by the post-war Labour government, “the fault was pride; the hubris which leads elected persons to believe that a majority at the polls endues them with inordinate abilities”! Ring a bell?

So we’re about to have a 1930s scale depression, instead of a recession. The daily toll of new mass lay-offs already dominate our newspapers, themselves on death’s door.

Their demise has been hastened by the ill-judged lockdown, namely in lost advertising. But it will get worse. Such hard times see advertising virtually disappear as companies cost-cut for survival.

The initial fellow-travelling newspaper support for the wonderfulness of the PM makes them partly architects of their own demise. Almost alone, of folk with a large audience, only Mike Hosking questioned the idiotic decisions being made. In my eyes his efforts were heroic and history will acknowledge that.

A big tick to Damien Grant on this front as well but his audience was confined to the Sunday Times readership.

New Zealand will now and for 3-4 years bear the brunt of the ill-considered so-called hard and quick approach.

bring out your dead

An apt cartoon from the BFD