from KC News:

Electra wins

Lindsay Burnell (left) and Neil MacKay are elected to the Electra Trust

The Electra Trust election results are out with the two newly elected members coming from Kapiti and Horowhenua.
Topping the poll was former Electra Board Chair Neil MacKay from Paraparaumu.
Mr MacKay’s 4107 votes was well clear of the other three contenders.
Mr Mackay says it was great vote of confidence in his views for the future of the Trust which he says needs to be more visible in the community.
Mr MacKay says he is committed to supporting and protecting the community’s interests to ensure the highest levels of service and valuable annual discounts.
“I am fully committed to maintaining local ownership and I’m looking forward to working with a group of people dedicated to delivering the best community outcomes possible,” says Mr MacKay.
The Electra Trust’s longest serving Trustee, Lindsay Burnell, was returned for another term.
Horowhenua resident Mr Burnell, a former Horizons Regional Councillor, says local ownership of our lines company is essential.
“I believe in community ownership so each of us benefits from a strong reliable, local electrical network we own and control, which returns a valuable annual discount.”

Mr MacKay and Mr Burnell join fellow Trustees Sharon Crosbie, Ray Latham, Janet Holborow, and John Yeoman.

Full Results are:
Neil MacKay 4107
Lindsay Burnell 3374
Brendan Duffy 3291
Kevin Burrows 1657