You might think that is simply stating the obvious, but, no, the PC Brigade won’t like it — at least if this interview on the Radio NZ website is to go by.

A message board printed with the words “All Lives Matter” at a Catholic Church in Masterton appears to have been partially vandalised — with letters now hanging off it.

In the interview a young female reporter (no doubt a devout Jacinda-ite) speaks with Masterton mayor Lyn Patterson (likewise) who was clearly concerned about the church stating that “all lives matter” — apparently because it upsets the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement — and was unconcerned about the vandalism.

Now, what business is it of the mayor to tell people what she considers to be ‘offensive’ messages and that they must to adhere to her views?

At least with elected politicians they get to be held accountable for their behaviour by voters at the next election, but that’s not the case with other government employees including the Thought Police.

Is this an example of what what we can expect will happen as matter of course when Andrew Little gets his ‘hate speech’ laws?