Green Party member

Even for the Green Party, whose beliefs and policies are often extreme, this is a little ‘out there’ and raises the questions: is this man’s enthusiasm for this practice based on personal experience and if so, in what circumstances?

That’s not all either: in the NZ Herald article it states  ” [Mr] Raue, who has been a Greens Party member for seven years, previously wrote a similar article in 2012 campaigning to allow bestiality.”

How widespread is this among Green Party membership on both sides of the Tasman? Remember that in NZ they are part of the Jacinda government and that Andrew Little is promising “Hate Speech” laws to prosecute anyone who publicly protests, among numerous other things, about “sexual orientation.”

One of our readers has sent us a webpage link which includes this:

“A Luciferian March for a One World Government will be held in at least 22 U.S. cities on June 21 during a solar eclipse. More cities are being added as they attempt to make this a nationwide and worldwide movement of appealing to Satan for empowering the One World Government.  A worldwide livestream of the Stonehenge satanic ceremonies is also planned for the first time ever.

“Summer solstice is a high holiday for Luciferians, as many of their rituals are related to the lunar and solar cycles. This year’s summer solstice also coincides with a “Ring of Fire” solar eclipse event where the moon will cover the sun and create the appearance of a ring of fire.”

Whether or not the Greens are involved in this in NZ, we know not, although it wouldn’t surprise anyone!  Certainly the concept of One World Government using the UN is what the Greens support and Jacinda has also made a speech at the UN in support of a “New World Order”.