If David Seymour wins his Epsom seat again, which is likely, under the MMP system he will bring list MPs with him in proportion to the percentage of the party vote ACT gets. In the last opinion poll this stood at 3% which would mean another 3 MPs on the list as per its nominated order of ranking:

act logoDavid Seymour

David has been an MP for five years and named MP of the year in two of them. Nobody in living memory has entered Parliament alone, represented an electorate, led a party and been part of a Government straight away. David was responsible for charter schools that transformed kids’ lives for the better and even Labour could not close. The End of Life Choice Act is a landmark piece of human rights legislation that nobody thought a sole MP could navigate through Parliament. Part of the answer is that he was not a sole MP.

Brooke van Velden

Brooke is the future of ACT and New Zealand politics. Likeable, smart, and classical liberal, she will speak for a generation who care about the planet and are socially tolerant, but don’t want to live in communist cauldron of identity politics. She left the private sector, where she was involved in lobbying for businesses affected by government overreach, to work at Parliament. She had with one mission, to get the End of Life Choice Act passed. Seldom does a parliamentary staffer get national media attention for their effectiveness, but Brooke van Velden is a future leader.

Nicole McKee

In the wake of our nation’s tragedy in Christchurch, Nicole McKee provided the calm and intelligent voice of reason on firearms law. So much so she was awarded communicator of the year as spokesperson for COLFO through this difficult time. Nicole runs her own business providing firearms safety training, and is a four-time New Zealand shooting champion. Nicole is a mother, passionate about welfare reform, and freedom of speech. She will make an excellent MP.

Chris Baillie

At a time when New Zealanders are rightly concerned about how small business has been treated through the COVID-19 crisis and before, ACT’s number four is a real small business owner who employs 30 people. At the same time crime, poverty and gang violence are worrying many New Zealanders. Chris was a police officer for fourteen years, specialising in Youth Aid. Today, in addition to his business, he is a full time secondary school teacher helping special needs students. Chris will bring a powerful and experienced voice to Parliament.

Simon Court

Farmers are facing punitive and destructive water regulations while city councils have resource consent to discharge raw sewage from their leaky infrastructure into the sea. The problem may be solved in Auckland if the punters run out of water to flush with. Simon Court is a civil and environmental engineer who has worked internationally on waste management and infrastructure. Simon admits he once voted for the Greens, but nobody is perfect and ACT believes in redemption. He voted Green to save the planet, not destroy the economy, and his message that we need more innovation and less regulation to solve environmental problems is pure ACT.