Chinese authorities deceived the public, suppressed crucial information, arrested whistleblowers, denied human-to-human transmission in the face of mounting evidence, destroyed critical medical research, permitted millions of people to be exposed to the virus and even hoarded personal protective equipment – thus causing a global pandemic that was unnecessary and preventable. —Eric Schmitt, Attorney General of Missouri

A strong case

by Roger Childs 

There is no doubt that Covid-19 started in the city of Wuhan in Central China and that the Chinese government delayed telling the World Health Organisation (WHO) for at least three weeks. In fact it was Taiwan who first informed WHO. While the epidemic raged in Wuhan and a lockdown was imposed, thousands of people flew out of the city, taking the virus to countries around the world. Many scientists feel that if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had sounded the alert after the first few cases were confirmed, the Coronavirus could have been contained within China.

Not only did China delay reporting the outbreak, but it was also tardy in reporting that there was human-to human transmission. 

Coronavirus Chinese liability

Cartoon of Xi washing his hands of responsibility by John Tiedemann. Concept Sarah Dudley, Spectator Australia, 24 April 2020

There are two main theories on how it started:

  • It came from one of the Wuhan wet markets where they sell live animals, birds and fish, and that it “jumped species”.
  • It “escaped” from a laboratory in Wuhan.

The wet market theory

Wuhan (1)A Wuhan fish market is where Covid 19 – also known as SARS2 — was possibly first noticed. SARS1 also started in a fish market. Dr Michele Barry, Director of the Center for Innovation in Global Health at Stanford University and other experts know that many viruses and diseases have emerged in the changing relationships between people and animals.  

According to Dr Barry: We have changed the ecology of how we live with animals, so that if you look at most of the emerging viruses and the emerging diseases that have happened over the last hundred years, they’ve been what we call zoonoses.

However, in recent months the “escaped from the lab” theory has gained ground.

Out of the laboratory and into the world

In Unrestricted Warfare, retired Red Army officer Qiao Liang explains how a technologically superior United States  can still be defeated in a war through the use of other methods including ‘cyber and biochemical warfare’. —David Flint, Spectator Australia, 24 April 2020

In Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus, American investigative journalist Joshua Philipp, demonstrates that it probably came from a major research project into cross-species infection at the Wuhan Institute of Virology led by notorious ‘bat-woman’, Shi Zhengli. 

He also provides evidence suggesting the virus was probably genetically modified to make it transferable to humans and even more contagious — a taboo subject which most media won’t report. 

Chinese government reactions

Your government and your scientists had to know long ago that coronavirus is highly infectious, but you left the world in the dark about it. —Julian Reichelt, Bild April 2020 

China’s diplomats are quick to react to any criticisms of their handling of Covid-19. 

They were furious when President Trump accurately called it “The China virus”. They also complained when New Zealand closed its borders to flights from China. When Scott Morrison pressed hard for an independent investigation of the origins of the pandemic, tariffs were placed on Australian barley imports and some beef exports were blocked, and in June a spate of cyber-attacks were probably the work of Chinese hackers. There was also an angry diplomatic reaction to a hard hitting criticism of China’s duplicity over the Coronavirus spread in the German newspaper Bild.

The CCP has also been upset over claims that they have put pressure on WHO to accept their version of the virus origins, however in the face of most countries asking for an investigation, they finally agreed. Not surprisingly, they want WHO to lead the inquiry.

A New Zealand exposé of Covid-19

China LiedChina Lied, Thousands Died is Ron Asher’s second book outlining the adverse impact of China’s attempts to increase its world power and control of global resources. In the Covid-19 exposé the author is highly critical of the repressive dictatorship which rules China and its handling of the Cornavirus.

 Quoting scientists, journalists and politicians from around the world he makes a strong case that the CCP deliberately deceived WHO and world governments over the origins of Covid-19, silencing critics within the country and being dishonest over its own cases and deaths.

He is also critical of New Zealand being over-dependent on China for trade and its reluctance to upset the Chinese government. Like Julian Reichelt, he feels there is a strong case for China paying reparations to countries who have not only suffered major casualties from Covid-10 but also faced a major economic downturn.

China Lied, Thousands Died: The Origins and Spread of Covid-19 by Ron Asher is available from Coastlands Paper Plus, or online from for $30)