Infrastructure statement

As observed previously, the RMA is one of the two cornerstones of Local Government in NZ, but it is a behemoth law of over 800 pages and mired in complexity.  It is one of the main statutes that have made big Auckland law firms like Simpson Grierson (who get considerable patronage from the KCDC) super wealthy — and caused excessive delays in desirable projects getting done. (Note that the ribbon in the pic says “$31B transport plan for Auckland” when actually it is $17 billion, another $14 billion is for the rest of the country.)

From the NZ Herald website:

New National Party leader Judith Collins has announced a National government would repeal the Resource Management Act completely, and replace it with two new pieces of law.

Collins said previous governments have tinkered with the RMA with amendments, and that is a “mistake”.

She plans not to reform it, but repeal it altogether.

“We will replace it with two new pieces of law: an Environment Standards Act, setting our environmental bottom lines; and an Urban Planning and Development Act, giving clarity and consistency. We will begin this work in our first 100 days.

“We will introduce new legislation by the end of next year,” she said.

That process will, however, be too slow for the projects she’s announced in her infrastructure policy today, including an eye-watering $31 billion to be spent on an infrastructure upgrade to the country’s transport network.

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