It is and has long been a turbulent region, but NZ’s Mainstream Media rarely mention it (unless it involves Israel and Palestinians).  It only requires a little thought to realise why.

These are just some of the headlines from one day: 18 July our time.

Greece is ready to defend territories against Turkish threat: defense chief

Iran allegedly places air defenses on ‘high alert’ over recent events: media

Turkey offers its weapons arsenal to Azerbaijan to fight Armenia

Syrian air defenses intercept unknown aircraft over Hama

British forces withdraw from strategic Iraqi airbase near Baghdad

Turkey has established air and naval bases inside Libya: Sisi

Russian Foreign Ministry accuses US of training militants in southern Syria

Israeli President sends message to Lebanon about Hezbollah, Iran

Egypt has the strongest army in the region and it can change the battle in Libya quickly: Sisi

Russian naval vessel heads to Syria’s Tartous port for new project: photos

Azerbaijan threatens to strike Armenian atomic plant