setting-bar-thanks-ecardWhen Jacinda Ardern gave Iain Lees-Galloway his marching orders for an inappropriate relationship with a staffer she set a very low bar for getting the sack.

Paula Bennett lowered the bar as well by using her own MPs and staffers to bury a wayward MP. I know many in National wish she’d never gone there.

Since the bar is so low we may as well dive right on into the muck.

As I said yesterday, I bet there are many MPs quaking in their boots that they will be next.

If I were a betting man then I’d wager a feed at Taco Belle that some MPs and Ministers who have given more than the glad eye to staff are very nervous indeed.

Especially those who have used the guise of assisting campaigns in The Bay as a reason to run a length up friends of the candidate, slayed the electorate office ladies, given the EA a good seeing to, or asked the accountant to inspect more than the books, so to speak.

You see, I’m not in the Press Gallery, and I have no allegiance to anyone. I do however have two eyes and two ears and I’ve been sitting quietly hoovering up information.

So, let’s have a little poll so see who readers think will be next to go.

Full article including the poll

As Roger Childs says, Jacinda needs to be careful, because if you lift the lid off the parliamentary behaviour pot you’ll find that plenty of affairs and illicit relationships from all parties and the press gallery will crawl out. –Eds