Last month, Geoffrey’s resignation from the Waikanae Community Board made it to page 2 of Stuff’s weekly freebie; last week Jill Griggs’ resignation made it to page 1, above an article on an artifact in the Paraparaumu aviation museum.

In recent times you would be doing well to count the articles on Kapiti in the Kapiti Observer on the fingers of one hand, before biffing it into the waste bin along with the supermarket fliers. Stuff must really make it tough for the people it employs to sell ads in its giveaway.

It’s a pity the local Stuff reporter didn’t mention some of the things the WCB had set out to achieve in the next two years so that Waikanae started receiving some of its long absent fair share of Rates spending by KCDC — before Cr Prvanov decided to release her board wrecking ball — but no matter; Waikanae Watch will be doing that.