Last June contributor Christopher Ruthe pointed out in an article headed The Queen of Rates Increases into Parliament? that KCDC Cr Janet Holborrow is a parliamentary candidate on the Labour Party’s list — presently ranked at number 69.

Earlier this year she had sought the Party’s candidacy for the Otaki electorate and because she had not been a party member for the required length of time, had to get special dispensation from the Labout Party Head Office to do so. She failed in this attempt and, as we reported, the nomination for the seat went instead to Terisa Ngobi.

About this time last year we criticised her grandstanding over David Scott’s candidacy for re-election to the KCDC, during which she and friend Cr Buswell went to the media and claimed that they would walk out of any meeting he attended. Interestingly, he and she were both speakers at the WCB meeting of 11 August 2020 and did she walk out? No.

In the Stuff report of that meeting, Holborow is quoted as saying that media in Kapiti are “mainly balanced, measured and respectful, but this publication is an exception”.

We take that to mean we are the only current affairs website in Kapiti which is willing to expose the deviousness, deception, duplicity, misrepresentation and blatant untruths uttered by politicians like her, and accordingly consider that comment a tribute.

While her departure from the KCDC would be welcome by Kapiti’s Ratepayers, her presence in Parliament would not be welcome by the people of NZ, and frankly we suspect many Labour Party members would feel the same.