NZ was also substantially deforested in the 19th century colonial era; it’s the price of population growth which, of course, remains a relentless problem here; fortunately attitudes to native forests have changed. That isn’t the case elsewhere in the world.

Half the Earth’s forests are now gone. 
15 BILLION trees are chopped down every year — 476 every single second. That’s our rainforests, jungles, and woodlands being decimated to make space for ever more cattle, palm oil, and soybeans.
But today we have a unique opportunity to change it.
Right now the EU is considering a new law to ban any products linked to deforestation. If the law passes, the EU is such a massive market that it could force the world’s biggest companies to change, transforming the global supply chain, and helping to save our woodlands, wetlands, and mangroves. 
Earth needs this law — so let’s make sure it passes!
This is not a usual petition. You’ll be signing an official EU consultation. Every voice counts. Every signature builds the resolve of lawmakers to pass the most ambitious forest-protecting law possible. Let’s be deafening. Click  here to add your voice and forward to everyone you can.