Air NZ at the airport before quitting Kapiti in 2018. The present Mayor told them their leaving his Empire was good riddance and this article on the NZ Herald website says he “wouldn’t welcome them back.” Well, was that a sensible way of saving the airport?

This coming Thursday there is another of those sessions where the public get to learn what the District’s highly paid bureaucrats have been doing.

The item 8.5 on the Agenda, “Paraparaumu Airport Waitangi Tribunal Claims” at page 141, while in the name of Ariana Reweti, Iwi Partnerships Advisor, has the present Mayor’s fingerprints over it. The letter from lawyers Russell McVeah about expected procedures under the Local Government Act seems to have had no effect — not that it’s unusual with KCDC. As Louisa Carroll says, Guru is far above the law.

According to this item on the Stuff website, the present Kapiti mayor “has vowed to take leave from office and join an occupation — if it comes to it – as local hapū battle to get ancestral land back by hook or by crook.” No doubt plenty of Kapiti Ratepayers will be pleased if he does, and will help by supplying him with a tent and organising food parcels for him.


Otherwise, the main item of interest on next Thursday’s meeting Agenda appears at the end at page 155 under “Public Excluded” items — “Strategic Property Purchase — Prioritization”. That is the extent of the info. So what are they buying now? And will the public be told what it is, how much Ratepayers’ money they spent, and what they plan to do with it? Not if Council boss Mr Maxwell and his top bureaucrats can help it: Secrecy is their mantra.