According to this article in the Daily Mail, the White House is locked down behind a 10ft [3-metre] fence, erected because of fears of unrest after the most divisive American election of our time.

As soon as the fence went up, it was covered in placards and banners by anti-Trump protesters.

The National Guard is being readied in some states and shops were boarding up their windows in major cities.

In New York’s SoHo neighbourhood designer stores such as Chanel were shuttered amid fears there could be looting alongside protests, whoever wins.

And there has been a rush on gun stores in Michigan because of fears of riots, looting and violence of the type that the communist-anarchist Antifa and BLM (Black Lives Matter) extremists have displayed in the past few months.

by Roger Childs

The need for law and order

It’s election day tomorrow in the US and most polls are predicting a decisive win to Joe Biden, who is well ahead, however the President is hoping “the red tide” will sweep him back into office. Unfortunately, there is the possibility that there could be violence on election day. People are allowed to take guns to polling places in some states! 

The Proud Boys are a right–wing fascist, white supremacist group who have indulged in rough tactics in the past. Trump condemned them in a television interview, but in one of the presidential debates responded with an enigmatic quote when asked about the group.

This is a democratic election and it is sad to see pro-Trump supporters slowing down the Biden campaign bus in Texas using aggressive tactics. There have been reports that mail boxes have been dumped and the issue of counting mail-in ballots after election day is still up in the air. Surely anyone who votes and sends in their ballot with a pre-election date post mark should have their vote counted. Postal services were scaled down some months ago and are currently behind on delivering ballots.

Trump would like to have the election result decided on the day, but that has never happened in close elections. In the 2000 Bush versus Gore election the outcome was not decided until January 2001. Here in New Zealand 17 days after election day, we await the final count which will include special votes.


For the presidential election – one of many taking place tomorrow – the outcome is decided by voting in individual states. Except for Nebraska, “winner takes all” individual state electoral college votes. It is expected that Trump will win most of the southern and mid-western states, while Biden will take New England and the west coast states. So the outcome will be decided on the results from swing states like Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio. 

As things stand today, Biden has the lead in most swing states and seems likely to win. Will the “red tide” come through? Probably not, as many moderate Republicans have been turned off by Trump’s presidential style and handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, and more Democrats have already voted than in 2016, or will be at polling places in person tomorrow.

Calling for calm?

President Trump should be calling for law and order to prevail and urging his supporters to accept the democratic will of the people on November 3. It is a worry that Donald Trump Jr has called for able bodied people to form an Army for Trump’s election security operation. 

The election will be decided on legitimate votes and all sides need to accept the result without making claims of fraud or resorting to violence.