Changing your name, Stephen (Tipene) O’Regan style, should help; applying fake tan might too.

“Just 120 of the 257 places for domestic students entering medicine at the University of Auckland next year will be available for “general” students, after allocating 77 to Māori and Pacific students, 52 to regional and rural students, five to students from decile 1-3 schools, two to students with disabilities and one to a student from a refugee background.

“At the University of Otago, only 82 of the 199 places for domestic students entering this year from first-year health sciences were available to general students after giving preference to 55 Māori, 31 rural students, about 20 Pacific students, about 10 students from decile 1-3 schools and one refugee.”

Full article: “How university medical schools decide Māori, Pacific student admissions” in the NZ Herald.