We’ve posted multiple articles on why non-medical pieces of cloth are a waste of time, and may even be bad for you. From the BFD:

Pox Princess

She who must be obeyed, ‘The Covid Queen’, has spoken again from the podium of truth and given commuters another reason to not use public transport.

A Government order compelling people to wear face masks on public transport in Auckland and planes nationwide will come into effect on Thursday.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Monday that Cabinet had agreed that requiring masks to be worn in certain settings was needed to “further strengthen” the response to Covid-19.

“We believe we need additional precautions in place. These additional precautions are a small price to pay to maintain the economic and social freedoms we have,” Ardern said.

The order means taxi and Uber drivers will be required to wear masks. School buses and children under 12 will be exempt. Bus drivers will not be responsible for enforcing the new rule.

So, mandatory masks on public transport in Auckland. Apparently, public transport in the rest of the country is just fine, and if you are taking an InterCity bus you only have to wear your mask until you reach the top of the Bombays or the Puhoi Tunnels.

This tricky virus is also apparently geographically aware and is only a danger in Auckland; elsewhere, not so much.

To cap off the silliness, this tricky virus won’t be really virulent until Thursday. Until then it seems to be not so tricky.

These rules are arbitrary, don’t seem to be based on anything remotely approaching science and run counter to previous advice, both on mask wearing and the safety of public transport.

In March the ‘Pox Princess’ and her band of helpers including the pink-haired loon and Nanogirl were saying masks were pointless. They were also saying that public transport was safe.

So, why the change now?

Control is why…you’ve been forgetting who saved you all. You ungrateful peons.

Still, public transport is for other people to use, so it won’t be affecting me. I’m just waiting for the government to start mandating the wearing of identifying badges on clothing, like perhaps a yellow star for people who won’t use the tracing app. It can’t be far off.