The report to councilors was contained in the Agenda of the Strategy & Operations Committee last Thursday — page 31 of this pdf.

Most readers will remember the enormous fuss made about it by the present Mayor in June 2015 when the policy was passed by the then council during the Ross Church mayoralty.

The KCDC policy states:

Any retail outlets that wish to sell approved products in the Kāpiti
Coast District must be:
* Located within a defined area on Kāpiti Road;
* Located on the ground floor and facing Kāpiti Road;
* Not within 100 metres of a sensitive site (e.g. kindergartens, early childhood centres, schools, places of worship, or other community facilities) existing at the time the licence application was made (measured from legal boundaries); and
* Not within 100 metres of another retail premise from which approved products may be sold (measured from legal boundaries).

In 2016 the present Mayor made the policy a feature of his electioneering; in this article on the NZ Herald website, he stated that one of his first tasks, if elected Mayor, would be to “review and revoke the shameful and undemocratic June 2015 decision to designate a 50-metre stretch along Kapiti Road West for the sale of psychoactive drugs, also called legal highs”, and he castigated other councilors for “facilitating legalised drug dealing dens.”

Well, after he was elected, the outrage quickly died down and on Thursday he wasn’t even present to vote against this motion.