Rimu Road with the ”Kapiti Kremlin” which has Iver Trask Place in front of it. (Bernie Randall photo)

By Roger Childs

No doubt the reaction of many readers to the news was, “No, not more lights!” Just around the corner in Kapiti Road there are eight sets (!) of traffic lights in the 2 km from Hinemoa St, across the old state highway, under the expressway and through to The Landing stores and eating places. However, the planned set of lights for the KCDC corner with its delightfully named “Barnes Dance” crossing actually makes perfect sense.

Iver Trask Place, which runs onto Rimu Road by the Council building, is one of the busiest intersections on the Kapiti Coast. The street, named after the present Kapiti Coast District’s first mayor, takes traffic to and from the Council offices, Novella Café, the Paraparaumu Library, Foodbank, Community Centre, Women’s Refuge, Swimming Pool and Kapiti School. The present set-up favours the Rimu Road traffic, and trying to get out of Iver Trask Place is often difficult, especially if you have to cross the traffic to go south to Coastlands, Pak’n Save and to Raumati. A further complication is the existing well-used pedestrian crossing on Rimu Road to Coastlands and on to Kapiti Lights where vehicles have to stop whenever anyone steps out. 

The new set of lights will make it much safer for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and with the removal of he existing pedestrian crossing should actually lead to less congestion on Rimu Road.