“Stuff? Kua kōpuru ratou, hei whakakata!”

from theBFD

The execrable “Our Truth” section of self-flagellating Stuff exposing their past ‘racism’ is part-farce, part-comedy. Belting out the beaut idea just a couple of weeks ago the racism-hunters cited “One front-page article from the 1800s” which reported, ‘”For an inferior race, coming in contact with one greatly superior, there are generally but two possible and conceivable destinies – absorption or destruction.” That racist tone was not uncommon back then.” 

In fact, that’s just one sentence taken from a 2500+ word essay titled ‘A Native Policy for the Future‘ calling for better law and administration for Maori and for settlers to consider more carefully the causes and solutions for grievances. It’s simple dishonesty to call said article ‘racist’.

In fact, if fibs were money Stuff would be worth much more than a dollar: this one’s golden.

“Underlying much of our coverage, as headlined in a 1926 piece headlined ‘Maori Morals’ was the idea that Maori were intellectually inferior, and the settlers way was right”.

This one’s a complete lie; the story considers the plight of a Maori gentleman fined in a community council of morals, very similar to the ‘Kirk Sessions’ of Scotland, then tried again in a criminal court for the same offense “one of the gravest” in which the judge said, in passing sentence, “if the prisoner had been a white man I would probably have handed down the maximum sentence” (7 years) before sending him to jail for twelve months. If racism is so easy to find in their past why are Stuff going out of their way to lie about it?

Topping that, in disingenuousness, comes race-baiting Joel Maxwell with his two-cents worth.

“This is, after all, one of the problems we have in news media in Aotearoa: Maori have been the butt of the communal joke, cast as villains, the criminals, in their own story.”

For which Stuff are obviously very, very sorry.

Also from Stuff, also from Maxwell’s keyboard, but for which Stuff are not sorry, at all and couldn’t give a hoot about, is the casting of others as villians, as criminals, the butt of jokes:

“Pakehas, man. They are a dizzying mess…a neurosis in a tuxedo. Nowadays, it’s not even the tux.” “like the worst deadbeat dad”, “the pinky-white constant in the background of the Great Show that is our nation’s recent history”, “thieving pakeha”, “fizzing with paranoia”, “in the middle of everything, bridging the Left and Right, operating from fear and its associates, spite and stupidity.”, “racists, bigots, and rednecks”, they “abase themselves by their strange, angry preoccupation with their own resentment”, “their kin picked our pockets” they are “living in the gutter of racism”.


Noting in the article image above, from 1861, ‘The Press’ motto is ‘Nilhil utile quod non honestum’, ‘Nothing is useful that is not honest’, I rest my case.