“We have been grossly underfunded for years, particularly our health and mental health services. For example, one of our health contracts (doctors and nurses) is funded for 1500 contacts per annum when at June 2020 we provided 7900 per annum.”

by Raechel Osborne, CEO Kapiti Youth Support (KYS) 

Sign the Petition

The petition is to get Andrew Little, Minister of Health, to raise the health funding for Kapiti Youth Support. (KYS). The organisation serves the youth of the Kapiti area and always battles to get sufficient money to carry out its important work — see more detail in the petition link.

KYS is a registered charity and Non-Government Organisation, established more than 23 years ago offering free health and wellbeing services to young people in Kapiti aged 10-24 years.  

We are one of the largest NGO’s and providers of community services in Kapiti and operate over 5 sites which includes 3 school-based services. We have over 5500 young people accessing services — this represents approximately 76% of the youth population in Kapiti. 

What does KYS provide?

Services and programs offered at KYS include: 

  • GP and nursing services, psychology, counselling
  •  alcohol and drug counselling, social work, mentoring
  •  young parent support programmes and advice, peer support
  •  LGBTQIA+ programs and support 
  • transition to work, financial capability (budgeting) 
  • driver licensing, youth development and education programs 
  • support for young people and young parents receiving a Work & Income benefit and 16 & 17-year-old NEETS (Not in Education or Employment). 
Kapiti Joggers and Walkers hand over a cheque to KYS for $1000. (CEO Raechel Osborne is second from the left in the back row.)

A wrap-around service for Kapiti youth

KYS provides the most effective services to meet the health and wellbeing needs of Kapiti youth and is currently the only service within Kapiti that provides a wraparound service for young people within one agency.  

We are committed to being inclusive; acknowledging and encouraging diversity and being reflective of the community we work in. KYS affirms its commitment to young people by employing many young staff with relevant qualifications and skills.

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18-year-old Lyric would be lost without the support of KYS. (Kylie Judith Photography pic)