These were invited under the heading ‘What matters most as we plan for the district’s future?’

Says the council, “It’s an interesting time to be planning ahead, not only are we dealing with the unknown impacts of COVID-19, we have challenges around things like responding to climate change, and the financial pressures associated with the need to replace aging infrastructure, upgrade community facilities and prepare for future growth.

“As a community, we need to decide how we preserve the things we love most about our district, while investing in what best serves the needs of our people, now and in the future.

“What matters most to you?

“Note: responses collected through community events and drop boxes located at libraries and Council service centres are shown under the name “Community voices”. We have included these for transparency and reporting purposes.”

A total of 115 responses are shown on this webpage.

The person who stated ‘increase in population’ is sure to get his/her wish. However, it’s possible this is a concern, and another commenter states it’s a threat.

‘Climate change’ appears a few times, although it’s unclear what the authors want — less rain, more sunshine? — and what their authors expect the council could do about it. As reported previously, NIMA expects our climate to get warmer and wetter — the latter requires adequate drainage in place.

We fully agree with some, such as:

“Transparency and responsiveness

Don’t hide behind the Official Information Act to respond to ratepayers requests for information where information [is] readily and publicly available”

“Conservation of Beautiful Spaces

“Good investment in beautiful buildings and places where people can be happy. Conservation of green spaces is important rather than more accommodation and ugly suburbia, empty shops.”

Several mention the need for a proper Waikanae Library and retention of Paraparaumu Airport. None mention the Gateway.

Other comments covered standard themes.