One of the Waikanae Baptist Church’s displays.

by Geoffrey and Eva

It’s an understatement to say this year has not been a good one for a lot of people, and so for us. The lowpoint was the loss of our beloved cat Gingernut in June, followed by the vicious attack on us by the neurotic Cr Prvanov in August. But as in the past, well-wishers came forward and we were astonished to get over 1,200 messages of support.

Holding the District’s council to account has become more important than ever and the frustratiions that many Ratepayers report experiencing don’t seem to diminish, rather the opposite. The council bosses and a handful of their fawning councilors, including Prvanov, may not like what we have to say, but we only need to say it because they don’t do the right thing.

We often talk with KCDC’s three good councilors, as well as voluntary workers, activists and other media folk. In addition to getting their insights, it’s therapeutic to have discussions with thoughtful, intelligent people who provide different perspectives.

Next year will be eventful with, among other things, the government’s ‘Three Waters’ plan which will strip councils of about one third of their asset base and place it in a new bureaucracy — what could possibly go wrong?

We wish readers happy holidays and at least a better 2021.