Yesterday’s post on alternatives to the Tech Giants cartel gave the Social Media site Parler — whose name is French for “talk” — as an alternative to Facebook or Twitter.

Now the Tech Giants cartel has acted to deplatform that, according to the article below on Sputnik News.

All this is becoming scary. Another article on The Economic Collapse asks the question, “Without Freedom Of Speech, What Is Going To Happen To America?” What indeed.


On 10 January, Apple suspended US social network Parler from its App Store, saying the microblogging service, which is popular with President Donald Trump’s supporters, had failed to act on calls for violence related to the Capitol Hill riot.

The conservative website Parler went offline on Monday, a day after Amazon decided to suspend Parler from its web hosting service AWS.

The website will be down until it can find a new hosting partner. 

Parler was founded by computer engineer John Matze and Republican donor Rebekah Mercer and launched 2018. It worked much like a Twitter with “parleys” instead of tweets. 

It became the most-downloaded app in the Apple store a day after Twitter permanently suspended Trump’s account before both Apple and Google cut off its access to their app stores.    

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Update: Parler has filed an anti-Trust lawsuit against Amazon — story