In this post from February 2019 we observed: “Facebook has for some time been accused, among other things, of censoring opinions that conflict with its left-wing Globalist agenda.  And of course, it’s a multi-national that doesn’t like paying taxes, as then NZ Prime Minister John Key scolded Zuckerberg [whose wealth is estimated at $US 102 billion] about directly when they met.”

The post also observed that the British parliament had just produced a report in which Facebook were described as “digital gangsters.”

“Parliamentary committee chair Damian Collins said Facebook “deliberately sought to frustrate our work by giving incomplete, disingenuous and at times misleading answers to our questions”.

“Facebook co-founder and chief Mark Zuckerberg turned down three requests to appear before the committee.”

When Geoffrey and Eva were last in America in mid-2018, Facebook were producing advertisements for TV and billboards trying to assure people that the company had changed its ways and was going to behave itself. But a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

The wisdom about Social Media (and these days usually the Mainstream Media) is — “if it’s free then you are the product being sold.” Facebook harvests your data though ‘cookies’. If you ‘like’ a particular product or service then that info will be noted by Facebook and made use of, including being sold to organisations that are also interested.

So what is behind Facebook’s censorship of views hostile to US Democratic Party positions? Does Facebook expect in return from Biden/Harris/Pelosi a continuation of tax minimisation and the blocking of investigations into corrupt behaviour, including conspiring with Apple and Amazon to get rid of its rivals, most notably at present Parler?