As many as 13 people in Israel have suffered from facial paralysis after being administered the Covid-19 vaccine, reports claimed.

According to WION, the Israeli Health Ministry has indicated that the number of people suffering from such side effects after being inoculated for Covid-19 could be higher.

“For at least 28 hours I walked around with it (facial paralysis),” one person told Ynet adding that he recovered after that.

This comes just days after 23 people died in Norway after receiving Pfizer’s Covid-19 jab. All of them were above the age of 80, Norwegian officials said adding that the matter was being probed.

Apart from the 23 cases many others have also reported severe side effects, the Norwegian Medicines Agency said.

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Claimed an ‘expert’ on TV1 today about the deaths in Norway: “they may have succumbed to their underlying illnesses because of the vaccine.” Well, is that not the case with almost all deaths attributed to the virus? In fact, many deaths attributed to the virus have had primary causes unrelated to the virus such as falling off a ladder. —Eds