There isn’t much cultural diversity in Waikanae, but Porirua has sizeable Maori and Pasifika communities, and that is reflected in its combined art gallery and museum, Pataka (‘storehouse, depository’). It adjoins the Porirua library in the same complex. For most people it should be within walking distance of the train station.

These are some of the photos Geoffrey and Eva took during a visit last week.

A gallery of 3-D artworks.

Murals in children’s play and discover areas.

The Maori history section includes items from the inter-tribal musket wars, and there is a musket of the era that was given as a gift to the Chief of Ngati Toa, Rawiri Puaha, by departing Governor Grey at a ceremony in Otaki in 1853.

A small old style village courtyard. The facades are just that.
An inner courtyard has this Japanese Garden