We wrote this post a year ago on the 75th anniversary and hadn’t intended to mention it again this year, but the appalling comments of the present Race Relations Commissioner, Mr Meng Foon (see earlier), claiming “it was no worse” than what he and a few other extremists allege the British did to Maori in the 19th century compell a restatement.

The Holocaust in Europe of the WWII years conducted by the Nazis was genocide on an industrial scale and millions perished in the Konzentrationslager dotted throughout occupied Europe but mostly in Poland, several of them built, like Auschwitz II–Birkenau above, with the specific purpose of exterminaing the Jews and other peoples the Nazis considered undesirable.

Mr Foon in making his ridiculous comparison is not only a clown, but his lies are dangerous as it’s quite likely these views, supported by the Maori Party and its fellow travellers, are going to be included in the rewriting of the history curriculum in schools. And if you object to this nonsense, with Jacinda’s intended “hate speech” laws, you may well find yourself being visited by the Thought Police.

For now, let us remember the millions who perished under the official racism of Nazi Germany.