This is on the agenda of tomorrow’s Council meeting. The background notes state:

“The Land contained in Record of Title WN569/17 comprises two land parcels being Lots 8-9 Block VI Deposited Plan 1031, as shown in Appendix 1. Lot 8 fronts Seddon Street and Lot 9 fronts Elizabeth Street, Waikanae. There are four buildings located on the Land, which are owned respectively by the Waikanae Bridge Club, the Waikanae Arts & Crafts Society and Waikanae Montessori Pre-School (two buildings). The Land is vested in the Council and the purpose of the reserve was gazetted on 22 February 1950 to be “… reserves for county purposes”.

“Investigations into the Land have found that it has not been given its formal classification, as required under the Act. Classification of the Land as reserve land is the underlying process that links the reserve land to the Council’s leasing powers under the Act. Currently, various parts of the Land are leased to the above three building owners as lessees, of which their new leases are on hold until the Council completes the classification process. Therefore, the Land now needs to be formally classified as Local Purpose Reserve (District) so that the Council has the requisite authority to complete those new leases.”

Thus it seems to have no practical significance and is just a legal nicety.

Intriguing, however, is this item relating to the Water Treatment Plant on the Waikanae River to be given secrecy:

What about this does Mr Maxwell and his lawyer Mr Power not want the Ratepayers to know? How much they intend to spend? Maybe why it needs to be spent — has the council not been looking after its toys again? It’s hard to think of any other reasons.