Despite desperate pleas last month from Kapiti Coast Airport for people to stop hitting golf balls into the airport, yet another golf ball has this week been located beside the runway – this time in the south-eastern corner of the airport.

“I’m sick and tired of people putting the safety of planes – and people – in danger,” Airport chief executive Chris Simpson said.

“It is crazy that people think it’s fun to smash golf balls into a fully operational airport. All it takes is for a golf ball to hit, distract or incapacitate a pilot that could lead to severe consequences for the passengers and the people who live in the houses at the end of the runway.”

The golf ball was spotted during the airport’s operational team’s daily checks of the runway surface and surrounding areas.

Last month it was raised at an Airport Community Liaison Group meeting, convened by Kapiti Coast District Council, that a number of golf balls had been located near the runway and surrounding land, prompting a plea from the airport to its neighbours to stop.

“I have previously explained that this issue is a serious safety concern. If one was to land on the runway and a plane was to hit it as it was landing or taking off, it could cause a serious accident.

“We are again asking our neighbours to please stop doing this. And if you have any information about who may be responsible, we’d welcome that including anonymously.

“We have reported this to the police and will be taking further action including writing to residents in the surrounding suburbs.”

Please do this at the Golf Course, not at the airport!