The next thing to be cancelled is apparently the word “normal,” with corporate giant Unilever vowing to ban the use of the description on all its products.

Yes, really.

“In a statement on Tuesday, Unilever revealed that its brands would be “removing the word ‘normal’ from advertising and packaging” after 70 percent of people in a survey said the word had a negative effect and the beauty industry needed to be more inclusive,” reports RT.

Unilever President of Beauty & Personal Care Sunny Jain said the company was “committed to tackling harmful norms and stereotypes, and shaping a broader, far more inclusive definition of beauty.”

The skincare giant will also ban “all digital alterations to body shape, size, proportion and skin colour” in TV commercials, print advertising, and product images in order to be more “inclusive.”

Many leftists celebrated the decision, although others questioned “how else its brands would now “describe non-oily, non-dry, non-combination, non-sensitive skin” on its skincare product packaging, if not as “normal.”

This is yet another example of woke corporate capitalism, where transnationals engage in sanctimonious virtue signaling in order to secure millions in free advertising and the approval of the mob that now runs society.

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You may wonder how many customers the companies who pander to the Wokeists repel and whether they outnumber those they might gain. —Eds