Totalling $36,154 this year, 11 sites of ‘historic and natural significance’ across the Kapiti district have been given financial assistance from the KCDC’s Heritage Fund.

The ones in Waikanae, descriptions as per the KCDC media release, are:

74 Nga Manu Reserve Road, Waikanae: The Ngā Manu Trust has received support from the Heritage Fund to produce and install large information signs that will detail the biology and ecology of a little-known and threatened native plant the plant, Dactylanthus taylorii / Pua ō te Reinga. 

313 Reikorangi Road, Waikanae: The owners of the farm at 313 Reikorangi Road, Waikanae, are conservationists who have a 13ha area of bush on their property protected by QE II Trust covenant, which forms part of the Waikanae River catchment. Their funded project entails fencing and planting a wetland in a steep gully to protect the native trees and plants there.

The latter is also the location of a Design, Planting and Landscaping business called Annie’s Gardens — website