The simplest explanation why the masks don’t work.

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This is where Jacinda Ardern’s kindness is getting us…all sorts of nasty Karens who are intent on commanding people to comply with nonsensical, illogical and arbitrary rules requiring the wearing of masks on public transport:

“Most passengers are reaching for a face mask to travel on public transport, but for those with mask exemptions, their fellow passengers can be unkind when it comes to not donning a face covering, one health organisation says.

“Wearing a face covering during alert level 1 is mandatory in New Zealand during journeys on public transport and domestic flights but the Ministry of Health has a small number of exemptions, including children under 12, people with asthma or a disability and conditions that make wearing a face covering unsuitable.

“Asthma NZ chief executive Katheren Leitner said some patients who were unable to wear a face mask were being condemned by mask-wearing public transport users.

“We’ve had several approached by other passengers that are wearing masks, quite angry that they are not.

“Our patients, they say they get more flack from other people on public transport, than the drivers themselves. It’s other Kiwis that can be quite ruthless.” –Stuff

These Karens need to be told to get Stuffed. That is what I would be doing if I were ever in the unfortunate position where I was forced to take public transport.

More people need to make a stand here. Here’s why. The rules are arbitrary, illogical and nonsensical. You have to wear a mask on public transport, but not while queuing to wait for the public transport conveyance, nor immediately after you alight from the aforementioned transport conveyance. You have to wear your mask on public transport, but not in the boozy pub you took the public transport to get to. There is no community transmission, so precisely why you have to wear a mask is beyond me. Perhaps the Government is hiding from us all that the CCP Virus is actually transmitted via public transport.

You know, I caught public transport but was cured with the acquisiton of a driver’s licence.

You too can be cured, if you’ve caught public transport, by getting a driver’s licence and a vehicle. Then you won’t have to wear the stupid masks in the first place.

Now for the public flogging of double-speaking celebrity mouthpieces:

“Nanotechnologist and science educator, Dr Michelle Dickinson, also known as Nanogirl, said research showed masks were highly effective if worn properly, explaining particles could only travel up to 6cm rather than 2.5m if no mask was worn.”


Ohhhh, would this be the same Dr Michelle Dickson who produced this video with another eminent expert in viruses, Jacinda Ardern, where they specifically said that the wearing of masks was pointless?

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We had several posts on this subject last year. —Eds