Amanda Vickers of Waikanae, who we profiled last year as deputy leader of the Social Credit Party, has earned the displeasure of the Mark Zuckerberg empire with the above banner on her page.

The issue wasn’t her support of whistle blower journalist Julian Assange — who has been deteriorating in a British jail for two years while the American government has been attempting to get an extradition order from British courts — but the “count me out, no way” picture in the centre. It might be ambiguous at first glance although ‘no injections of substances into my body that I object to’ is clear and was picked up by Facebook’s bots as an anti-Covid ‘vaccine’ statement.

In fact, that was intended, but for Facebook to delete it is astonishing. She says “My profile picture and frame from a week ago has been completely deleted by Facebook. The whole post is gone complete with 300 reactions, and a hundred or so comments. Thankfully, I’d taken this screenshot at the time.”

What part does Zuckerberg have in the whole Covid “vaccine” issue? Like Bill Gates who has been at the centre of it, Zuckerberg is a Tech-Giant billionaire.

In common with a large number of people, Amanda has big concerns about the health risks of these rushed experimental medical treatments, which have been injected into millions of people either voluntarily or by coercion.

Although Waikanae Watch sits on the fence on the vaccine issue generally, neither for nor against, we share Amanda’s concerns about these experimental treatments. Indeed, so do some governments and at least one of the “vaccines” has now been withdrawn in several jurisdictions internationally.

Section 10 of NZ’s Bill of Rights Act states:

Right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation
  • Every person has the right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation without that person’s consent.

Section 11 says:

Right to refuse to undergo medical treatment
  • Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment.

So how does that square with the obvious pressure that many employers — including the Jacinda government — are putting on workers to be injected with a potentially harmful substance? It’s already evident that what looks like NZ’s first Covid “vaccine” death is being covered up.

We need honesty and accuracy from the government about this whole issue, and we are not getting it.

A selfie of Amanda with lawyer Sue Grey at a protest about the government’s conduct in Parliament grounds. (That flag isn’t an English one, see below)