What the Jacinda government may have to resort to soon so that people don’t have to live in cars and garages?

This was the cover of a booklet issued to single men working for the NZ Railways in past decades and accommodated in small huts close to their remote workplaces. These were moved about the railways network on flat freightcars to various work camps as required. What was inside other than a wood / coal burning stove isn’t clear.

The booklet had no internal diagrams, but was a general primer on the management of “a bachelor’s establishment.” It included advice on such things as making custard, improving hygiene by using fly killers (noting that “the ingredient DDT … is poisonous, so be sure all food is under cover before you use it,”) and washing greasy overalls by soaking in hot water, soap and kerosene. It assisted the lone railwayman with the simple wisdom that “A quiet mind is the best sleeping draught,” and bright and colourful items “will transform your hut from a mere shelter to a home if you keep everything clean and tidy.”

The whole booklet is viewable here