Today we were talking to a computer techpert about surveillance systems, in particular how to have alerts of movements detected by your CCTV sent to your cellphone.

During the discussion we were told that their Samsung smartphone seemed to ‘prick its ears up’ at home when they were discussing the cv-19 vaccines. It must have been relaying this to some organisation, maybe the Tech Giant Cartel, maybe the government’s spying agencies. They tested various trigger words, and ‘vaccine’ is definitely one of them. Creepy.

In this case the Samsung Bixby voice activated listening feature can be turned off, but interestingly Samsung’s website doesn’t tell you how to do that. However, a web search did discover how it can be done.

It’s not just Samsung either: this article on begins:

“At their best, voice assistants from the likes of Microsoft, Apple, Google, Samsung, and Amazon empower us to be more productive. They queue up our favorite songs, give us previews of our weekly agendas, and place phone calls to friends and loved ones. But they’re also recording the commands we utter for posterity (and in some cases human review), which predictably doesn’t sit right with everyone.

“Fortunately, most assistants can be switched off, disabled, or otherwise fettered in a few simple steps. Here’s a guide to doing just that, and to deleting any voice snippets they managed to record in the meantime.”