by Kerry Bolton

After a meeting on 12 May with Cr Elliott, His Worship K. Gurunathan and KCDC legal representative Tim Power, I offered to withdraw a Code of Conduct complaint lodged against Cr Elliott if she acknowledged that I had not been involved in alleged ‘racial taunts’ against a haka party at the council meeting on 25 February (not March as stated in the letter). This was one of eleven grievances that I addressed in the complaint, which also included her use on social media of a picture of five women who had been at the meeting and who she implied were involved in the alleged ‘racial taunts’.

Cr Elliott’s comments were posted on Waikanae Watch on 31 March in the comments section of an article by ‘Anonymous’ entitled ‘Another witness at that council meeting — two wrongs don’t make a right’.  Cr Elliott’s allegations were addressed in detail by me on the same day likewise in the comments section.

I decided to offer many compromises to elicit this letter from Cr Elliott, albeit written by Mr Power on her behalf, because, like the matter I encountered with Cr Janet Holborow some years ago under the Ross Church mayoralty (which was never resolved in a just manner) I knew it was unlikely there would be a sufficient number of councillors who would vote objectively to secure the number of votes necessary for the complaint to be carried. Such a proceeding would therefore have been pointless, and added further stress. 

Messrs Power and Gurunathan were very helpful in resolving the matter and (I feel) in recognising the extent to which I was willing to compromise to secure a result. 

This is not the first time that Cr Elliott has indulged in rude and aggressive behaviour, making unfounded allegations and aspersions against members of the public. Readers need to decide for themselves at the next election whether she is a suitable person to be a councillor. —Eds