Those concerned about the method that the dubious cv Experimental Medical Treatments (a.k.a. “vaccines”) have been handled and promoted, not only in Jacindaland, should follow this recently established group, who are dedicated to finding out and exposing the truth about them — which the pro-government Legacy Media are keen to keep hidden.

  THe emperor has no clothes Image item 
No doubt you saw the headlines this week: “They were wrong!”, “Science catches up with reckless policy”, “Covid vaccine rollout challenged amid safety concerns.” If you missed them, it might be because you were either hiding under a rock for a week (oh, how we envy you!) or because you only watch/read mainstream news (and since you’re here, we doubt that). 

Well, big news broke this week. Science hot off the press has shown spike protein ends up in the blood of vaccinated people.  And since research shows those pesky spikes are the toxic bits of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid); spikey bits in the blood (going goodness knows where else) + behaving like toxins = uh oh, watch out for big problems. You don’t even need year 13 biology to see that our homegrown “experts” were flat out wrong when they proclaimed “spike proteins created by our body after being vaccinated aren’t presented to other cells.”  Cos they are Helen [Petousis-Harris]. Trying to dress it up as irrelevant because it’s just a “little bit” deserves an eye-roll as impressive as the one we gave when Bloomfield said (and a few days later reinforced) “we may only be at the end of the beginning of the pandemic”.  

Yep, Helen, it’s that inconvenient truth: we don’t actually know how many bits of spike are floating around. We only know about the bits the limited test picked up. Hmmn.  

The week was filled with colossal eye rolls. We eye-rolled when we heard back from the Advertising Standards Authority that they were upholding some of the complaints made against our Covid vaccine flyer. Among other things, apparently, Medsafe’s appeal to receive more information about genotoxicity and serious autoimmunity from Pfizer isn’t sufficient evidence that Medsafe is concerned – go figure. Sigh, it must be terrifying to rock the boat when you’re an authority figure, or a journalist, or in a judicial role, or the ASA. Well, we’ve got a big question (or two) for anyone reading who’s in a position where it feels scary to tell it like it is:  When do you rock the boat? What will it take for you to tell it like it is? Where is your line in the sand? 

Someone who isn’t afraid to stand up and speak out is one of our heroes Dr Simon Thornley. Recent cowardly attacks against him saw ferocious response this week in a blistering video we know you’ll appreciate, as well as a reflective blog post examining the irony of Stuff printing its hit piece on Pink Shirt Day.Image item
(We fact-checked you Helen and you’re wrong) This is where the rubber hits the road. 

If you get a chance, turn up your favourite tunes, get outside – do whatever you need to do to fill your tanks and get some fighting spirit coursing through your veins. Because we have work to do and we need you. Start by grabbing our Covid Response Survival Kit, or if you already have it, send the link to a friend. Heck, send it to people who aren’t friends! Send it to people who see the Emperor standing naked in the street but are too nervous to say so.  Please please please, send it to people that are fawning over the Emperor’s beautiful invisible cloak. Send it to your family, your co-workers and the guy you met last week who said it was weird people took off their masks to eat cookies on the plane. And, stay in touch with us. 

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SHAREABLE INTERVIEWS Here are two shareable links to send to your friends. The first is an awesome interview Claire had with German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich – a hero to many, and the second is a replay of our chat with our very own New Zealand lawyer Sue Grey.  Please SHARE these widely to get the word out that there are people (including lawyers) voicing alternative viewpoints to that which is being insisted upon. Click here for Reiner’s interview and here for Sue’s replay.  Hope you'll join us monday. In THE meantime, stay positive, stay in touch, take action and … Keep hugging! Libby xo