Further to my email yesterday about the comprehensive win we achieved this week in the High Court, the full judgement (reasons) came through last night and are available to read here.

Given the current cancel culture and suppression of opposing opinions, the Judge’s comments are extremely encouraging. It is especially pleasing to see the Judge apply what we’ve previously achieved in the Court of Appeal (against Auckland Council/Phil Goff) as the basis of his decision to reinstate the Speak Up for Women event.

This win is a very strong shot across the bows of all Councils and Mayors who may try to limit free speech. We will stand up for free speech, and win.

I am told that last night’s Speak Up for Women event in Palmerston North went ahead without incident. Despite the social media mob’s shouting, no one was hurt in the exercise of free speech or by the feminist group voicing their opinions.

But Hate Speech laws are the next big fight

The Government appears determined to go ahead with the criminalisation of so called “hate speech” – despite the Minister’s’ definitions of what they do, and don’t, want the law to cover remaining vague.

In case you missed it, our Spokesman David Cumin was on 1 News last night waving the free speech flag on all of our behalf. Watch the coverage here.

David Cumin on 1 News

The consultation on the draft law runs until early August. That means we have a window of opportunity to blow the whistle on this dangerous proposal. We will be ensuring it is easy for New Zealanders to have their say, and planning our campaign in the coming few days.

Thank you again to all of our financial supporters and dedicated volunteers who make this work possible.

Jordan @ Free Speech Union