Many of the lights had constantly changing colours and full credit must go to the Maoriland organisers for this sensational display. The bus (in one of the photos) was showing short films from the Maoriland Short Film Festival and in the central pergola there were ethno-centric bands playing. Clear calm weather helped the experience. 🙂

Matariki 2 KCDCMatariki arrowsMatariki carwashMatariki Dusk MacLeanMatariki Dusk TreesMatariki freeform treesMatariki freeformMatariki KCDC McLeanMatariki lichteMatariki MaorilandMatariki poipleMatariki pyramids 2Matariki pyramidsMatariki sailboatMatariki sea urchinsMatariki shapesMatariki tree lightsMatariki UzabusMatariki verticalsMatatiki 2021 MacLean Park

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