by Geoffrey Churchman

This was probably the most important aspect of the Roy Morgan poll from June released last week as consumer confidence has a significant impact on forward planning by businesses — investment in inventory, plant and equipment and staffing.

Having said that, there is a big brake on the economy in the form of severe materials and labour shortages. It’s common to see “now hiring” signs around the region covering a range of occupations, most notably in the food and restaurant sectors, but also services like transport. Yesterday I spoke to a man in Waikanae who needed a lawyer urgently — the first firm he went to (on the main road) told him he would have to wait two weeks! I directed him to try the three other Waikanae firms.

Materials in construction are in short supply, while replacement parts for cars and other vehicles can involve significant waits — not good for passing WoFs or just being able to run at all.

Everyone in Kapiti knows the consequence severe restrictions on foreign labour have had on completion dates for the Transmission Gully and Peka Peka to Otaki freeways.

When will the rest of the World wake up to the awful economic damage that the arbitrary restrictions on movement of products and people are having?