In NZ we can well relate to these in the depths of winter. Although the Jacinda-government-subsidized Legacy Media avoid mentioning severe cold spells, we will.

Heatwaves are another matter, of course; you can guarantee that TV1 or Newshub will mention one happening overseas somewhere in support of the Globalists’ alleged “global warming”.

Last night TV1 News featured a claim that everyone is baking from unprecedented temperatures in the American Southwest. Actually, they’re not. For Los Angeles the temperatures forecast for this week are for summer typical 77 to 80 °F (25-27°C). For both Palm Springs and Las Vegas this week the daytime temperatures are predicted to peak at 108°F or 42°C which is quite usual in summer, and both can get hotter. But for better propaganda impact, why not show Death Valley which has long been known as one of one of the hottest places on Earth? Needless to say, they did. 🙂

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