Event by Creative Kapiti Robert Harris Coastlands

Duration: 1 hr 30 min, Public  

Thursday nights on the Kapiti Coast just got a whole lot more exciting!

You are invited to the exhibition launch of ‘Doublexposure’ in a brand new exhibition space as part of the Creative Kapiti Art for Everyone programme.

Doublexposure introduces David Owen and Hamish Macaulay, two Kapiti based artists exhibiting together for the first time — however, this is not the first time these two artists have shared a space together. They both studied graphic design at Wellington Design School in the mid-late 80’s.

After design school, David worked as a graphic designer and illustrator at Wellington Newspapers for 14 years. He then spent 11 years at Weta Digital Studios working on King Kong, Avatar, Hobbit, Tintin, District 9 , Planet of the Apes and many more movies as a rotoscope artist, then texture artist. He now splits his time between painting and illustrative commissions.‘’I have spent my working life interpreting other people’s ideas and visions. Now I spend more time exploring my own ideas, Doublexposure is another step in that direction” says David.

Hamish spent over 25 years working for a number of top design and advertising agencies in both NZ and London. He has recently returned home to NZ after 14 years living in London where he spent the last 2 years as a full-time artist. “Doublexposure gives me the opportunity to share my mixed media pieces on found corrugated cardboard” says David.

“The ‘Definitely Maybe’ triptych is one of the original works from this series, and the 7” works (2021 remixes), released this July as part of the Art for Everyone initiative of Creative Kapiti.The size combines my love of collecting and djing music on the 7” vinyl format, and my feelings for our planet. They represent my concern with the increasing amount of waste we produce, and the lack of consideration for the impact it has on our environment. The aim of these works is to upcycle unwanted materials into art, giving it a second life which is more permanent – a double exposure.”

Hamish and David both have a love for their surroundings, New Zealand in particular.

They hope you enjoy the coming together of these two very different perspectives.