an AK47 table lamp

She went bonkers and confiscated semi-automatic rifles from everybody in 2019. This gold-plated table lamp remains perfectly legal, although it’s a little pricey: something for that extra-special friend. Available from aliexpress

Bullet pendants/necklaces

One of these should cause that irksome Jacindanista to freak out, likewise from aliexpress.

Make Ardern Get Arrested baseball cap

This will certainly cause that strident Jacindanista to throw a wobbly. From MAGA Mike in NZ

How to Become a Human Bullshit Detector’ book

For putting on a desk and when someone comments, say it’s for analysing what Stuff, Newshub etc. churn out daily in support of Jacinda’s beliefs. From good booksellers.

No experimental China virus jab for me earrings

You’re not going to play Chinese roulette, although you’re quite happy if Jacindanistas want to.

Say no to the Prick T-Shirt

Bill “Vaccine” Gates is already worth $US 145 billion and his BFF Jacinda is eagerly making him much richer. Just say no.