Who hasn’t noticed how the bought media have been struggling so mightily to repair the damage done by news of Jacinda Ardern’s signing off on $2.75 million funding of your dollars to the Mongrel Mob, a gang of race based drug dealing criminals. This is a gang that deals in death and family destruction, but Jacinda has made them a partner in the governance of New Zealand.

Labour’s coalition partner the Green Party is also in bed with the Mongrel Mob [see pic at right].

No doubt it’s a deal that exists because of some quid pro quo arrangement with her so called “Maori” caucus, led by the race hustler Willie Jackson. Mr Jackson was previously most well known for losing his radio job on account of his support for another gang; namely the Roast Busters who were accused of raping underage women and boasting about it on social media.

Ardern also works closely with the Maori Council, an organisation set up in 1960 as a focal point for Maori to interact with government on tribal issues. It now exists to pressure the government to accept the myth of Treaty “partnership” being key to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.

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