Pic via the BFD with a change to an historically accurate helmet colour

As most people know, Jacinda’s favourite gang have for 50 years adorned themselves with swastikas and Nazi helmets, and like to proclaim Sieg Heil!

In 1885 New Zealand public servant and scholar Edward Tregear wrote that Māori, like Europeans, were part of the Aryan race, which was superior to others. 

That view seems to have been taken by the Nazis also, according to this essay:

“In World War II, German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, who was Hitler’s favourite general, once said the Maori battalion he fought against in North Africa was the greatest fighting force he ever encountered, and ‘Give me the Maori battalion and I will conquer the world.’ Even with his racist views, Adolf Hitler himself admired the Maori and their combat techniques.”

So the short answer seems to be, quite well.

It again demonstrates the absurdity of the racial division the Jacinda government is creating.