by Geoffrey Churchman

About 40 attended this yesterday afternoon in the Waikanae Memorial Hall mezzanine floor, although for over half an hour a pianist (perhaps Lixin Zhang who has a concert today) using the Steinway grand piano on the stage of the main hall provided competition for speakers. Good music, but too loud to be welcome.

Attendees were a range of ages from teenage to septuagenarian, and had a mix of views about different things, some of which could be considered fringe, such as antipathy to Freemasonry — although that’s no more fringe than the paranoia that the Police heirarchy have about Celtic symbols.

The two main concerns that everyone has, however, are the present government’s attacks on Freedom of Speech and people being cajoled or compelled by it into being jabbed with a dubious experimental substance that may or may not help people with the (overrated) China virus in the slim likelihood they happen to be infected with it. The group’s concerns and objectives are best read on its website:

A range of topics was covered in the meeting, one of which, surprisingly, was apprehension by KCDC about allowing use of the hall by VFF. It seems the Jacinda government has been spreading disinformation about VFF to councils. Maybe the Jacinda government thinks it’s a rival gang to their beloved Mongrel Mob? 🙂

What to do when the Jacinda government’s teams of Facebook scrutinisers tell the Police to pay people a visit about what they say on FB about unacceptable government policies was mentioned — and 4 had experienced such visits. Basically the advice, which we gave 2 years ago, is use your phone’s video camera to record the visitation as evidence for a complaint to the Independent Police Conduct Authority and putting on social media.

Boosting immunity naturally to viruses came up and one practical way involves the low levels of vitamin D3 that people have in winter — colds and flu become widespread because people stay inside a lot. The easiest way to boost vitamin D levels is to go out and get more sunshine on your skin when it appears. A couple of weeks ago I spoke to a young guy on Waikanae Beach sitting on a driftwood log with his top off — it wasn’t particularly warm, but he wanted to boost his sunlight exposure. However, you can also get vitamin D3 as supplements.

One of the biggest criticisms of the way the Jacinda government has handled the whole issue in its extensive and expensive propaganda is the lack of encouragement to address lifestyle issues that are quite likely to determine how well your body deals with infections generally: there’s been no mention of eating fresh fruit and vegetables, maintaining an exercise regimen, for example.

Attacks by Stuff and its paid trolls on medical people concerned about these dubious experimental substances was mentioned — NZDSOS (NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science) is one group that gets up the nose of Jacindanistas and Stuffers and they regularly belittle it, including setting up a fake website at — the real NZDSOS website is

Occasional aggression by the Jacinda masketeers — the Karens who want everyone to obey their idol’s decree that everyone wear a symbolic piece of cloth around their face on public transport — was mentioned, The easiest answer to that is just not use public transport, but you can download an exemption card on the MoH’s website.

In general, spreading the message is the most important thing at present, and that involves countering the Jacindanistas and Stuffers with information they don’t like because it doesn’t suit the present government’s Agenda.

Disregard the constant vilification by Jacinda government supporters and Stuff — this American headline sums up Voices for Freedom too.